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Victor believes that the unity we seek as a nation can be accomplished by fixing the dysfunction within the congressional family. Victor strives to not only look out for his own constituents, but also reach across the aisle to negotiate with all members of Congress, securing what's in the best interest of all Americans.

“Voters will soon recognize my passionate commitment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Any legislation that blatantly ignores the Constitution or the intentions of the Founding Fathers is alarming, reprehensible and will receive a nay vote from me." 

Victor is first and foremost dedicated to creating sustainable economic growth for those in Florida and throughout the nation. He believes in supporting capitalism while eliminating personal and corporate welfare. Victor’s extensive management experience in advertising, retail, hospitality and environmental services industries will be useful in working with all members of Congress to develop a robust and healthy economic, social, and financial future for America.

He seeks to create legislation for better veteran opportunities for the many who have served so bravely and return to their homes without opportunity for their much deserved futures. He is also pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-free speech, pro-term-limits, fiscally responsible, and excited to represent the true conservative voice. 

Victor has learned the greatest satisfactions in one’s life come through service. He prefers to spend his time helping others. On top of his current workload in his professional life in the consulting industry, he dedicates untold numbers of hours per week, unpaid, to serve his community by serving in his church.

As a Republican Candidate for the United States House of Representatives in 2020, Victor Garcia da Rosa promises to put into practice the empowering words uttered by his father and speak for the underdog so they too can "work hard, rest hard, play hard" on their individual quests for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the finest nation in the world. His desire to serve Florida's 21st Congressional District is born out of a deep-rooted conviction, "....when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."

Meet Victor

Victor Garcia da Rosa for Congress

What Should A Member Of The House Of Representatives Look Like?

A member of the House of Representatives should look just like you and me: everyday hard working Americans looking to make a difference in their communities. White collar, blue collar, university degrees, or perhaps a humble degree earned through many years of trial and error that only the experiences of life can bestow. 

A member of the House of Representatives should have two ears to listen, yet possess one bold, unabashed voice to make the will of their constituents known in Washington D.C. 

A member of the House of Representatives should be blind to color, race, creed, belief or political party; for a member of the House of Representatives will fight for minorities, majorities and everyone in between, believing that greatness only comes from unity through diversity.

I ask you to support me, Victor Garcia da Rosa, in my political campaign as I embark on our journey, for this is not my journey alone. It is a journey between myself and you, the great people of Florida's 21st Congressional District. Together, we will bring the government back to "We The People," in 2020.

Republican Executive Committee Meeting, Palm Beach County, June 12, 2019


Meet Victor

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Victor Garcia da Rosa 

Candidate For Congress 2020


One of eight children raised by loving parents, Victor Garcia da Rosa grew up with a mantra of "work hard, rest hard, play hard," a phrase that he has carried with him throughout his successful career in the retail, hospitality and environmental services industries- and one that he hopes to carry to Congress.

This foundation of hard work and perseverance, combined with his business acumen and personal beliefs, has shaped the future Congressman’s goals and vision for both business and politics.

Victor brings decades of cross-industrial leadership experience to his political pursuits. Through dealing with various business entities, Victor has learned how to not only maximize financial profits and create economic growth, but also how to serve as a peacemaker- bridging gaps, aligning interests, and unifying diverse groups. 



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